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One bright green light for Renault autos with 19 percent sale increase in GCC

In Saudi Arabia, Renault Fluence and Renault Duster were the two best-selling European models. ... of the Renault Duster, our worldwide best-seller! 2014 promises to be full of opportunities for growth with new products and market expansion.” Over the first eleven months of 2013, the Duster’s sales increased by more ...

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Khatami Government to Protect Political Meetings in Iran

knuckle-dusters and axes wreaked havoc for 30 minutes in the meeting.  In August, days of clashes erupted ...

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Car makers look for growth with new models

with its Duster. Ford’s Asia-Pacific president Joe Hinrichs said the Indian auto expo was ‘one ...

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Renault is first generalist European car brand in GCC at the end of June 2012 with 32% sales growth

introduced the shockingly affordable new Renault Duster which has in just two months at the end of June 2012 ...

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Locust swarms strike southern Israel as Jordan, Saudi Arabia monitor situation

it easier for crop dusters to exterminate them from the air.    The Israeli Agriculture Ministry ...

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Saudi Arabia Breaks Ties with Taliban, US Deals Financial Blow to Alleged Terrorists

sought boosted legal powers to combat terrorism at home while banning flights by crop-duster aircraft ... for the second time in two weeks, banned all flights by crop-dusters.  The estimated death toll from ...

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Record sales for the Renault Group

Duster is a huge success for the Dacia brand. The new SM5 launched in South Korea in early 2010 ...

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Renault announces Q3 results for the period ended 30 September 2010

in market penetration, driven in particular by the success of Duster competing in a new segment, with over ...

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