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Arm dealers caught with rockets in Lebanon

including rocket-propelled grenades, in their car on Sunday. “Soldiers at a checkpoint in Ehden arrested ... at a checkpoint in Ehden arrested Mohammad Bashir Moussa and Saad Mohammad Moussa for possessing RPGs, light arms ...

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Brrrr! Kazem delivers HOT performance at chilly Ehdeniyat International Festival

It was a cold night in Ehden, but superstar Kazem El ... or cold, the show must go on! The town of Ehden in Lebanon is famous for its music festival and cold ... Reviews, Star Scoop, Bahrain) Whether it's hot or cold, the show must go on! The town of Ehden ...

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Just sick about it: Lebanese restaurants abroad told to slash raw Kibbeh off the menu

Lebanese. In August 2009, a group of 25 women in Ehden broke the Guinness World Record for the largest ...

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Apple farming facing crisis in Lebanon

said refrigerator storehouse owner Hikmat Tawq. In north Lebanon’s Zgharta and Ehden the situation ...

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Saving Lebanon's juniper trees

characteristics and ecology. Douaihy, who is from Ehden, the site of another nature reserve, said she carried ...

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When there is need for a song and dance: Lebanon's summer festivals ignore revolutions

of Ehden, has thrown in the towel for this year. When The Daily Star asked the spokespeople ...

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Real Estate back on track

Akkar 4,655 4,680 4,546 5,681 3,707Batroun, Koura, Ehden ...

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