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Nabila Ebeid Falls in Love with Oppressive Man

Muharram and based on a story by the renowned Egyptian writer Ehsan Abdel Quddous --   ...

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Nabila Ebeid: Egyptian Cinema Faces Crisis

and the Drummer) written by the late writer Ehsan Abdel Quddous send a certain message through a well written story ...

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Quddus’s ‘Wa Tahat Baad Al Omr Attawil’ in New TV Series

Alomr Attawil,” which is based on the novel of the late Egyptian writer Ehsan Abdel Quddus, deals ... Egyptian director Mohammed Abdel Aziz will start ... in Alexandria Egyptian director Mohammed Abdel Aziz will start shooting the TV series ...

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New book confirms criminal act behind Suad Hosni’s death

In the context of her ties with prominent people, novelist Ehsan Abdel Quddoos and writer Ahmed Bahaiddin had big ... of her eldest sister poet Ahmed Khairat who wrote her songs when she was a kid. The Egyptian poet Abdel ... was only 16 years old.”  The late artist inspired poet Salah Abdel Sabour, the most prominent innovator ...

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