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Egyptian stars get the Banksy treatment

El-Teneen steered away from the blatantly political messages of 2011 and turned his hand to painting pop ... El-Teneen’s revolutionary street art has spread throughout Cairo’s streets ever since the onset ... such as El-Teneen and Chico created witty stencils to reflect the demands of the people. But their work was duly ...

20/08/2012 - 09:36 - comment 0

Egyptian art: Between political charge, global exposure and experimentation

the frame. Many used the city walls as canvas, including Ganzeer, El-Teneen, Sad Panda, Keizer, among others, ... art scene. Artists such as Hany Rashed, Ahmed El Shaer, Ahmed Sabry contributed to this affair of free ... Khaled Hafez, Ammar Abu Bakr, Marwa Adel, Ahmed El-Shaer, and Mahmoud Refaat entitled “Liberation” opened ...

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