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Tunisia's CPR stays in government to give talks a chance

the government if two Islamist ministers from Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali’s party, Ennahada, were ... of opposition politician Chokri Belaid, which many have pinned on Ennahada.  While Ennahada has denied ...

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In biggest protest since Belaid's assassination, Tunisians call for downfall of Islamist government

Thousands of Tunisians gathered on the streets of the country's capital, Tunis, on Saturday, to call for an end to the ruling Islamist Ennahada party they blame for the assassination of Chokri Belaid. Thousands of Tunisians gathered on the streets ...

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Tunisia PM promises to quit if he can't halt the crisis

ennahada, the prime minister was left out limb monday) (NEWS, Main headlines, Regional News, Tunisia) ...

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No smoke without fire: How are the Lebanese taking the smoking ban today?

Lebanon smoking ban starts today: Not everyone is welcoming it with open arms; Cafe owners are expected to protest for an arguileh loophole; Others offer-up mixed reviews on the ban; Is confidence in Tunisia's Islamist Ennahada party shaking?; A glimpse ...

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Tunisian cabinet approved, elections expected before end of year

regime was toppled by the once-banned Ennahada party, and the secular opposition have argued over ...

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I'm no Ben Ali! Tunisia Ennahda chief denies the likeness

© 2013 MBC Group. All Rights Reserved. (while ennahada has denied any ...

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