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The theater, the theater, what happened to Arab theater? Houssami says its 'Doomed by Hope'

Eyad Houssami, editor of 'Doomed by Hope: Essays ... Arab Theatre.   A new book by Eyad Houssami, entitled 'Doomed ... this collection? Eyad Houssami: As a theatre director, I am always thinking about why we make theatre, what ...

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Arab theater: is it "doomed by hope"?

The books that do exist, as Eyad Houssami points out in the introduction to his volume “Doomed by Hope: ... by Eyad Houssami, is published in English by  Pluto Press  and in Arabic by Dar al-Adab. It is available ... theatrical production and practice. Houssami’s book is a welcome – if slightly haphazard – collection ...

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