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Six Palestinians indicted on terrorism charges by Lebanon judge

Regional News, Lebanon, Palestine) Military Investigative judge Fadi Sawwan indicted Thursday six ... to carry out terrorist attacks in Lebanon. Military Investigative judge Fadi Sawwan  indicted Thursday six Palestinians on terrorism charges. Sawwan accused Bilal Badr, ...

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Judge issues 30 arrest warrants for suspects linked to Tripoli clashes

Military Investigative Judge Fadi Sawwan  issued 30 arrest warrants in absentia against suspects involved in Syria-linked clashes in the northern city of Tripoli. Sawwan also interrogated Bassam al-Dayekh, a militia ... Syria, Main headlines, Lebanon) Military Investigative Judge Fadi Sawwan issued 30 arrest warrants ...

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Judge seeks death penalty for Palestinian fighters in Lebanon

Investigative Judge Fadi Sawwan  Thursday recommended the death penalty for 31 Palestinians who are also ... Regional News, Lebanon) Military Investigative Judge Fadi Sawwan Thursday recommended the death ... and nine others wounded. Sawwan referred the case to the Military Tribunal after issuing warrants ...

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Lebanon issues arrest warrant for Syrian army defector

to fight President Bashar Assad’s forces. Military Investigative Judge Fadi Sawwan issued the warrant ... to fight President Bashar Assad’s forces.Military Investigative Judge Fadi Sawwan issued the warrant ... information, maps and military strategies, the source added. Sawwan, the source said, referred the case ...

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Lebanon charges at least 38 over Tripoli clashes

referred the case and the two detained men to Military Investigative Judge Fadi Sawwan. The judicial source said Sawwan will interrogate the suspects on Thursday.   ...

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Lebanon issues arrest warrants for Hezbollah-targeting terrorist group

href="" target="_blank"> Bekaa Valley. Military Investigative Judge Fadi Sawwan ... Sawwan issued an arrest warrant for the detained Syrian man, the source added. He issued five other ...

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Lebanon: Fourteen charged in car bomb building

to an unidentified Arab country. In a separate case, Military Judge Fadi Sawwan accused 17 Syrian and Lebanese ... area. Sawwan referred the suspects to the Military Tribunal for prosecution. The arrested men ...

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