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RIP: Comedian actor Farouk Naguib sadly dies at 73

Comedian actor Farouk Naguib passed away in hospital on Tuesday. Comedian actor Farouk Naguib died in hospital at the age of 73 ... Scoop, Lebanon) Comedian actor Farouk Naguib died in hospital at the age of 73 on Tuesday night. ...

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59th Anniversary Nasser Revolution marked by Revolution 2011

ago? The First Ouster: of that first unwanted Pharoah, King Farouk. Egypt's monarchy, ... Abdel Nasser the second President of Egypt from 1956, along with Muhammad Naguib, the first president, ... victories with the Zionist neighbor compensated for Farouk's out-and-out defeat by Israel. Though ...

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Places to go and celebs to see: A slew of fun stuff going down in Egypt this week

at the Netherlands-Flemish Institute, 7pm Based on Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz's novel,  Tharthara Fawk Al-Nil ... 7pm Among the many artists performing on this day will be Ahmed Effat, Soma, Ayat Farouk ...

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Egypt's arty types vs the Brotherhood: this year's showdown

writer Naguib Mahfouz an infidel and claimed his books promote homosexuality and atheism. El-Shahat also ... and poet/writer Farouk Gweida. Several artists boycotted the meeting, such as renowned actress Samira Ahmed, who ...

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