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My enemy's enemy is my friend: Fatah and Hamas to form Palestinian unity government

recognized Fayyad’s authority as Palestinian premier, continuing instead to recognize its own prime ... an agreement to work on forming a unity government. Rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas have set a three-month timetable to form a unity government and organize elections, ...

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Palestine PM Fayyad offers resignation: sources

would accept the resignation of the US-educated economist.A spokeswoman at Fayyad’s office declined ... following a rift between the two men over government policy, two sources told Reuters.Abbas was due ... governments have offered staunch support to Fayyad ever since he became prime minister in 2007, seeing him ...

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poll no. 172 dated August 30, 2010 published by Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO).

the performance of Fayyad’s government is better or worse than the performance of Haniyyeh’s government?  (Read 1 – 3) Response Percentage1.The performance of Fayyad’s government is better than that of Haniyyeh’s government 54.42.The performance of Fayyad’s government is equal to that of Haniyyeh’s ...

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Palestinian Prime Minister Rejects Violence in Meeting with American Jewish Leaders

was honored to host it. “Prime Minister Fayyad’s spirit of hope was extremely welcome. We know that some ... weakened his government’s credibility at a time when it was working hard to improve the lives ... Bank against Israel and Jews in school text books and in the media, Fayyad said his government ...

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Is Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad about to get fired?

Revolutionary Council -- one of the party’s governing bodies -- also officially criticized Fayyad’s government ... on Friday, as the party officially criticized the premier’s government for the first time. Abbas “is leaning towards dismissing Fayyad from the head of the government and forming a new one,” a member ...

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Israel demands action on Palestinian protests

with a call to Palestinian Premier Salam Fayyad for a full inquiry. Fayyad’s office issued a statement ... strike has posed a new challenge to the Tel Aviv government , which has come under international ...

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