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Constitutional poll: Egyptians vote on roadmap for the future

as interim president, and hold fresh presidential elections as early as possible. Gamal Zahran ... press campaign from the West and violent street protests by the Brotherhood," says Zahran. Zahran believes the army-backed interim government has successfully weathered Western pressure, imposed ...

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Egypt's liberal parties seek alliance ahead of Parliamentary elections

Adly Mansour. According to Gamal Zahran, a political science professor with Suez Canal University, ... with other forces like the Wafd Party on a single ticket," said Zahran. Zahran argued that after ... and falcons," said Zahran, adding that "as a result, they hurried to the Wafd Party to seek shelter, ...

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What Arab Spring? The Middle East is undergoing a quiet revolution that is truly transforming the region

CashUAbou Zeid, QabilaAhmed Zahran, Karmsolar EgyptAhmed Alfi, Sawari VenturesAhmad Alkhatib, ... Ramadan, Weather HDSamih Roukan, MaktoobGamal Sadek, Bey2ollakSoraya Salti, Injaz JordanZiad Sankri, Cardio ...

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