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Why Lebanon's economic woes aren't hurting investor interest as much as you may think

world, he is planning large-scale construction projects in the country. Meanwhile, Fady Gemayel, chairman and general manager of Gemayel Freres Co., which produces paper products, urged people ... economy,” Gemayel said. “We [industrialists] are flexible people, and we have a commitment to the long ...

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New kid on the block: MTV Lebanon's "Khtarab El-Hay" strongly competes with Turkish & Latin soaps

series. MTV Lebanon Head of Programming Christian Gemayel told Asharq Al-Awsat: “This is a bold ... Gemayel told Asharq Al-Awsat that the show is an explicit attempt to topple the domination ... Copyright © Saudi Research & Publishing Co. All rights reserved. ...

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baume & mercier’s classima executive ideal for modern businessman

saga that commenced in 1830 when his grandfather, Louis-Victor Baume and a brother co-founded “Frères ... prestigious competition in its day.  Frères Baume also won several gold medals at universal exhibitions ...

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Exclusive new designs honour the horological expertise of William Baume

saga that commenced in 1830 when his grandfather, Louis-Victor Baume and a brother co-founded “Frères ...

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Iraq names financial consultants

advice and assistance for Iraq in its bilateral negotiation with international creditors. Lazard Freres & Co was chosen to provide such services to Iraq in its contacts with 17 creditors at “Paris Club”. ...

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Maroc-Qatar: vers l'établissement d'une zone de libre-échange

de la Haute commission mixte maroco-qatarie qui sera co-présidée par le ministre des Affaires ... "servira les intérêts communs des deux pays frères".     Plusieurs accords de coopération ...

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Rote pedagogy and deferred adulthood main causes of stagnation among Arab youths

to their needs.For this reason, Mathias Albert, co-author of two Shell Youth Surveys in Germany, highlighted ... as an example, Sami Gemayel, the son of Former President Amin Gemayel, who initially set out to establish a voice ... his brother, MP Pierre Gemayel, was killed, Sami went back into the fold and assumed the traditional ...

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