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Iraqi leaders in last attempt to reach agreement on constitution

said after the delay was announced.   According to The Ap, parliament speaker Hajim al-Hassani ... will need another day in order to reach results that please everyone," al-Hassani said on national television shortly after the midnight deadline.   Al-Hassani agreed that no parliamentary vote ...

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US welcomes Iraqi constitution despite disagreements

speaker Hajim al-Hassani told reporters that the main outstanding issues were federalism, the formation ...

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New Iraqi ministers

al-Jazaeri; Industry - Hajim al-Hassani; Three ministers of state - Qassim Dawoud, Mahmoud Farhad Othman, ...

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Iraq: Partial Cabinet approved as attacks kill at least five

parliament, Speaker Hajim al-Hassani declared.   Prime Minister-designate Ibrahim al-Jaafari ...

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Iraqi parties continue to exchange draft proposals

Earlier, parliament Speaker Hajim al-Hassani, himself a Sunni, said Shiites and Kurds had made amendments ... Hajim al-Hasani told AFP.   On Friday, Iraq's Shiite and Kurdish leaders decided to forward ...

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Iraq: Parliament meets as more bodies found

deadlocked. Vehicles banned from Baghdad's streets to prevent car bombings as MPs met. Hajim Al Hassani, the outgoing speaker of the parliament, told members, "The road ahead of us is still long ...

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15 die as Iraqi president calls for unity

of the Iraqi society," Talabani said at a meeting with parliament speaker Hajim al-Hassani.   ...

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Iraq: 56 injured in Abu Ghraib attack as US Marine killed; Sunni Arab elected parliament speaker

bickered for days over the post. Industry Minister Hajim al-Hassani was elected ...

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