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Elham Shaheen fights for women’s freedom

The film was written by Hana Atyeh has nominated actors Khaled Al Sawi, Amr Waked and Dunia Samir Ghanem ...

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Another award for Elham Shaheeen’s film “Khaltit Fawzyeh”

script and scenario was written by Hana Atyeh and directed by Majdi Ahmad Ali. The film is about ...

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Elham Shaheen wins Best Actress in the Middle East Award

Aydah Abed Al Aziz and Najwa Fouad. The story of the film and the scenario are written by Hana Atyeh ...

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Elham Shaheen marries four men

is directed by Muhammad Ahmad Ali and the storyline and scenario is written by Hana Atyeh. A number of famous ...

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Ghada Abed Al Razaq’s recipe or Elham Shaheen’s?

Izat Abu Oof, Yousif Othman and Hajaj Abed Al Atheem. The script was written by Hana Atyeh ...

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