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Fierce north Yemen clashes kill 22 in 48 hours

Yemen's Hashid tribes resulted in the deaths of 22 people over 48 hours, tribal sources reported Monday. Two days of fighting between rebels and gunmen from the powerful Hashid tribes in north Yemen have ... brokered a truce between the Houthi rebels and Hashid fighters, ending two days of clashes in Amran ...

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Yemen clashes: 35 killed in sectarian violence

confederation, the Hashid, according to a security official. Yemen has seen a wave of violence since ... largest tribal confederation, the Hashid, according to a security official.Yemen has seen a wave ...

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Yemen: Powerful tribes join anti-government movement

leaders, including those of the Hashid and Baqil, vowed to join protests against Saleh at a gathering north ... and Aden," Hashid tribal chief Sheikh Hussein bin Abdullah al-Ahmar said. The Hashids are considered ...

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At least 75 killed in Yemen violence

News Channel reported. Pro-government Hashid tribes battled the Houthi rebels north of the Yemeni ... in the south, Al Arabiya News Channel reported.Pro-government Hashid tribes battled the Houthi rebels north ...

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At least four dead in Sanaa'a clashes

forces and fighters from the Hashid tribe, led by Sadiq Al-Ahmar. A few months ago Al-Ahmar urged ...

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Understanding Yemen: Tomorrow’s youth challenges yesterday’s tribes

sheikhs among the more than 190 tribes of Yemen. Many of these benefits were directed to the Hashid ... evident in about 20 percent of the tribes, mostly among the Hashid federation in the north. Schmitz said ... changes.The head of the powerful Hashid tribe, Sheikh Sadique al-Ahmar, center, surrounded by guards, attends ...

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