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Syrian masked witness backs away from testimony

had said to the UN investigation committee are “untrue and baseless,”  The masked witness  Husam Taher Husam said in an interview broadcast by the Syrian T.V., stressing that all testimonies he offered were ... Detlev Mehlis has considered Husam  as “ the main witness”  in his report to prove Syrian and Lebanese ...

18/05/2010 - 13:01 - comment 0

Dominique’s new release

by the poets Samir Zaki, Talal Qintar, Khalil Muhammad Khalil, Husam Khoury, Haitham Shaaban, Fadi Saeed ...

01/08/2010 - 19:06 - comment 0

Nawal Al Zoghbi’s new Lebanese single

Jaman, composed by Yaqoub Al Khibazi and distributed by Husam Camel. The song was released a few ... by the famous Lebanese musician Marwan Al Khoury and distributed by Hadi Shararah. The new Lebanese song ...

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Ismaeliyyah International Film Festival Resurrected

directed by Maha Haddad.  The Egyptian films Laura Time, directed by Marian Khoury, and Palestine, 52 ... director Megel Litin, Egyptian documentary film director Husam Ali and the late Dutch documentary film ...

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