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My Assad beats your Saddam: U.S. set to issue 'most wanted' playing cards for Syria

Rami Makhlouf holds card number three. Makhlouf is a wealthy Syrian businessman believed ... six is interior minister Mohammad Ibrahim al-Shaar.   Is the 'most wanted' card ...

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Poor turnout in Libya's vote for constitutional panel

in the west near oil installations. Its leader, Ibrahim Makhlouf, has rejected the vote because the Amazigh ...

21/02/2014 - 05:00 - comment 0

Arabia Nights 4

of Sound. Awaiting your orders, positively please! Tracks list:CD 1-(the majlis) 01 Ibrahim ... Beijin Dreamin 10 Najim / H’sabtek Ana 11 Hamdi Makhlouf / Pages Nocturnes 12 Amel Wahbi / ...

01/08/2010 - 19:03 - comment 0

Where is Amina? Who is Amina? Why Amina? Cases of other 'fake' bloggers

of Syriatel by Rami Makhlouf, the cousin of President Bashar Al Assad.When he felt that security apparatuses ... is an invention.Still then, cynical hoax? I don’t think so. I prefer virtual heroine.  By Alia Ibrahim ...

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