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Nadia Al Jundi as “Queen Nazli”

The series will be produced by Ismail Kutkut, written by the broadcaster Rawyah Rashed and directed ...

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“Laila Murad’s” drama series faces crisis

Producer Ismail Kutkut and writer Majdi Saber of the new television drama series “Laila Murad” have both received a warning from the late artist son Zaki Fateen Abed Al Wahab Producer Ismail Kutkut and writer Majdi Saber of the new ...

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Nadia Al Jundi catches the flu

Abu Rayeh. The series is produced by Ismail Kutkut, directed by Muhammad Zuhair and the story ...

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Safa Sultan plays the role of “Laila Murad”

by the ‘City of Art Production Company’ to play the new role.   The producer Ismail Kutkut nominated ...

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Writer of “Asmahan” renounces it

false statements about Asmahan.  Producer Ismail Kutkut said that the drama series is not a historic ...

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“Asmahan” enters the race of time

of the late singer’s brother “Farid Al Atrash.”   Producer Ismail Kutkut is extremely happy with the new ... heading from Greece to Beirut in 1917.     Her father was prince Fahed Farhan Ismail Al ...

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