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Israel, China Begin Talks to Resolve Dispute over Phalcon

Peres was honorary president of the Israel-China friendship association, and his books have been ...

18/05/2010 - 19:14 - comment 0

Report: Russia Ready to Sell China Spy Plane if Israel Reneges

the opposition raised against the Israel-China Phalcon deal in recent months by the United States seems to have ...

19/05/2010 - 11:14 - comment 0

Bond and Fire of Anatolia play live at Fastlink 10th anniversary celebration

in Germany, to be followed by Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Israel, China, Romania, Qatar and Bulgaria before ...

18/05/2010 - 13:09 - comment 0

America is already starting to play it cool with the Middle East

became a U.S. ally and made peace with Israel. China’s growing interest in the Middle East also ...

11/12/2012 - 10:35 - comment 0

From Dead Babies to Dotcoms, PR Giant Hill & Knowlton Soldiers On

Israel, China, Egypt and Peru.”   Added to that is roughly $11.5 million the firm earned while working ...

18/05/2010 - 19:27 - comment 0