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Fares Karam is thankful

The album’s main song is titled “Alhamdulillah” (Thank God), which was written and composed by Yaser Jalal and distributed by Rojeah Khoury. The singer cooperated with a number of prominent poets and composers of which are Lebanese singer Marwan Khoury.   The album is comeback for Fares to the music industry after ...

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Fares Karam prepares for a new release

with a number of popular artists, like Lebanese musician Marwan Khoury, Wisam Al Amir, Suhail Fares, Jan Mary Riyashi and Yaser jalal.  On the other hand, Karam traveled to Stockholm mid-February to host ...

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Diana Haddad and Aqel Faqih award the Lebanese press

and lastly “Ya Aibo” (Shame on Him). ‘Shame on Him’ is written by Biyar Hayek, composed by Yaser Jalal and distributed by Rojeh Khoury ...

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Ismailia Festival Shows Distance Between Lebanese Directors and Beirut

the capital before the civil war, according to news agencies.  Theater director Jalal Khouri expressed his ...

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AUC celebrates midyear graduation commencement ceremonies

Youssef, Nathalie Ghattas, Carla Khoury, Baland Jalal, Hassan Halawa, Mohamed Abou-Gindia, and Arwa ... Zewail Prize for Excellence in the Sciences and the Humanities was given to Carla Khoury. The Ahmed El ...

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