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Abbas Al Nouri replaces Jamal Suleiman

by his colleague famous Syrian actor Jamal Suleiman. The filming of the second part of the drama series ... Kholi, Karis Bashar, Solaf Mumar, Rafiq Sibaie, Rida Taj Haidar, Salma Al Masri, Zuhair Abed Al Karim, ...

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Amal Hijazi a bride and in love

Lebanese singer Amal HIjazi just finished her latest music video clip for her song “Ahla Ma Fe Al Ayam” (The Best In the Days), written by Jamal Al Kholi ... by Jamal Al Kholi, composed by Nader Noor and distributed by Tareq Tawakal. The clip, directed by Randa ...

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May Salim’s new clip

Amir Taymah, Hasan Atyeh, Muhammad Rifay, Jamal Kholi, Ahmad Bari’, Muhammad Atef and Ahmad Ali Mousa ... and Rami Jamal ...

01/08/2010 - 18:58 - comment 1

Rania Shawqi, a Journalist fighting corruption

The series is written by Majdi Salem and directed by Isam Shaban. The series also stars Riyad Al Kholi, Abeer Sabri, Hatem Tho Al Faqar, Hayatem, Jamal Isamil, and Khaled Mahmoud. ...

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Tamer Husni back with a new album

by Ali Shaban. Tamer also worked with Abed Al Aziz Al Shafiy and Jamal Kholi on the new album. ... worked with other poets like Muhammad Atef on the song “Dayeb” (Melted), composed by Rami Jamal. He ...

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Cinderella, “I don’t use my body to sell my clips”

talents, like the poets Khaled Taj Al Deen, Abeer Al Razaz, Jamal Kholi, Hasan Atyeh, Wisam Sabri and Nader ...

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New Year kicks off with new releases

Abdullah, Hani Abed Al Karim, Amir Taymah, Muhammad Rifaie and Jamal Kholi. As for the composers Shireen ... with a number of well-known poets and composers like Baha Al Deen Muhammad, Amir Taymah, Jamal Bakheet, Amar Al ...

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Latifa surprises fans

time with Nader Abdullah and Jamal Kholi. As for composers Latifa worked with Nasir Shamah, Amjad Al ...

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