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Defaced-book! Hackers ruin Israeli Vice PM’s social media accounts

A group that calls itself the ZCompanyHackingCrew (ZHC) has hacked multiple accounts belonging to Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom; Joe Maalouf sues a Lebanese blogger; take a break from the drama around us; and an Egyptian Bellydancer takes ...

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Police Probes in Beirut: Gay Rape?

After a sting operation on 36 men in a Lebanon porn cinema known for gay cruising, police apply anal probe tests. TV presenter Joe Maalouf accused of homophobia, closet homosexuality and moral misconduct in outing Arab men. Is this institutional rape akin ...

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First Gulf Bank sponsors Investor Relations Best Practice Awards

maintaining strong business fundamentals. The recently appointed Head of Investor Relations, Dr. Joe Maalouf, who will also be attending the event on behalf of the bank, said, “Such forums are important ... for greater dialogue in our sector.” Prior to joining FGB, Dr. Maalouf served as the Head of Investor ...

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Lebanon's Invasive Sex Exams: where the sun don't shine

the presenter of MTV’sInta Horr (You Are Free) Joe Maalouf for “the worst form of slander [against homosexuals], ... Al-Akhbar contacted Maalouf, who was in Spain and said he had been outside Lebanon for weeks. He denied responsibility ... in a discriminatory manner. Maalouf declared that his lawyer will be filing a lawsuit against Helem member Georges ...

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