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"Toughest footrace on earth" kicks off in Morocco

of commitment. On the  MdS  website we find words of wisdom from Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, meant as a source ...

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Iran President in 'Dialogue of Cultures' at End of Germany Trip

center stage, Khatami flew to Weimar for a tour of the house of Johann Wolfgang Goethe - Germany's ... the street from Goethe's, reported AFP.   Police moved into the building and pulled ...

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Rahbani, Sting, Paco de Lucia Headline Baalbek Festival

with Clavigo. Based on a drama by Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, Clavigo is the young, ambitious rebel and lover, ... romantics. In a way he’s the predecessor of Goethe’s Young Werther.  “Clavigo likes to party, loves ...

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