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The Three Trillion Dollar War – The True Costs of the Iraq Conflict. Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes. W.W. Norton & Company, N.Y. 2008.

dollars, ten times more than even then previously thought [1], Stiglitz and Bilmes have furthered ... there is room for improvement.  Specifically, Stiglitz still considers that the U.S. and its organizations ... same institutions, disasters that Stiglitz himself acknowledges.[2] Stiglitz and Bilmes indicate ...

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What do prominent thinkers have to say about creating an Arab development bank?

longstanding problems.” -  Joseph Stiglitz , Economics professor at Columbia University ... as a catalyst and facilitator for investments that would address longstanding problems.”- Joseph Stiglitz ...

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Out of control: the ISIS and the oil market

to Saudi Arabia. However, Iraq is a classic case of Joseph Stiglitz’s “oil curse”. The Baathist regime ...

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Commodity Bloc Keeps on Truckin (Morning Slices)

winning economist Joseph Stiglitz warns that the world is far from out of the global recession. ...

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Common Wealth – Economics for a Crowded Planet.

Johnson, James Carroll, Joseph Stiglitz, Howard Zinn, Alex Cockburn, William Blum, Greg Grandin, Amy Chua, William Greider, Noam Chomsky.   [2] some of the note [1] authors cover this especially Stiglitz ...

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