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Interview with Syrian expert Professor Joshua Landis

Renowned Syrian socio-political analyst Professor Joshua Landis lays out in clarity how the Levante is being divided by ethnic cleansing; one blogger won't celebrate Malala; Life in Kuwait back in the 1950s; and 24 indicators that you're becoming ...

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Jordan's Very Own Robin Hood

What started out as a robbery ends up becoming a good deed; Is Beirut losing its architectural heritage? ; Nokia pairs designers and journalists for a spot of app innovation; Academic Joshua Landis gives run down of Syria's more detailed reports ...

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The Middle East Will Miss Whitney Like Crazy

Joshua Landis Mexican in Beirut ...

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5 Arabic Books You Should be Reading- in English

Arab intellectuals and writers give their top 5 Arabic must-reads; Find out what happens on the 12th day of Stress-mas! ; Obesity is becoming a health problem for the Middle East's poor; Academic Joshua Landis reports on Syria's critical security situation. ...

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Abdulfattah Jandali gets a 'thank you' from his boy Steve Jobs

Joshua Landis' Syrian commentary going; And what are the consequences of a successful prisoner ...

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The Assad E-Mail Leaks Scandal

Joshua Landis The Angry Arab News Service ...

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Syria: Battle for Idlib air base rages as jets bomb Damascus

are cautioning about suggesting the regime is near collapse. Long-time Syria watcher Joshua Landis told NPR ...

03/01/2013 - 06:33 - comment 0

Rebels overun Alawite villages in northern Syria

cities. “The government is going to strike back as a result of this,” said Syria expert Joshua Landis ... but not impossible.” Landis said the attacks could signal a new spate of sectarian revenge against Sunnis in the region. “Tit-for-tat wars generally backfire,” Landis said, pointing to the brutal slaying of possibly ...

07/08/2013 - 08:45 - comment 0

Arab World and Facebook's 10 year relationship status: Complicated

for discussion, pointing to a fierce debate on Syria between academics Joshua Landis and Robin Yassin-Kassab, ...

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