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Number of modern irrigation projects executed in Karbalaa

According to <i>Al-Sabaah</i> newspaper, the Iraqi Minister of Water Resources, Mr. Mahdi Abdul-Latif, said that his ministry's different companies had executed a number of modern irrigation projects in Karbalaa. The biggest of these projects is Al-Rashidia Project, which irrigates ...

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Central Library of Karbalaa rebuilt

According to <i>Al-Sabaah</i> newspaper, the Central Library of Karbalaa has recently re-opened its doors for the Iraqi public after being rebuilt. Mr. Saadoun Burhan, Director of the Library, said that the library reconstruction costs amounted to ID 1.4 billion.   This project included ...

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Plan to build new cities in Iraq

cities of Al-Kut, Mosel, Irbil, Najaf, Karbalaa and Basra. The source added that $100 million ...

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Leading Iraqi Shiite cleric calls for quick end of US occupation

of Karbalaa the occupation of Iraq was result of extraordinary circumstances and "it should end once ...

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The deadlock deepens further: Kurdistan seizes two oil fields, state-owned oil company

at the Imam Hussein shrine in the Shi'ite holy city of Karbala.A senior Iraqi Shi'ite politician has ...

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