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Khaled Ameen denies marrying Zahra Arafat

Kuwaiti actor Khaled Ameen denied circulating rumors ... he and Zahra were seen together in Cairo Kuwaiti actor Khaled Ameen denied ... Khaled Ameen denied circulating rumors that he has gotten married to Bahraini actress Zahra Arafat. Ahmad ...

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Nancy and the neighbor’s son

are the neighbors). The song is written by Khaled Ameen and composed by Mohammad Rahim.   The new album ...

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A second chance brings Suad Abdullah and Abd Al Aziz Jasem together

that were nominated are: Hussein Al Mansour, Ahmad Ayraj, Elham Fadaleh, Abeer Ahmad, KHaled Ameen, Imshari ...

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Metro Mecca Masha'Allah! Godspeed, pilgrims to use subway to the Hajj

Aisha Mosque. Al-Balad Al-Ameen , a company owned by the Makkah Mayoralty, conducted a technical study ... the public transport scheme is to be completed in 10 years in three phases. Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled ...

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Between Paris and Cairo, Ahlam surprises fans in her new album

is seen busy these days recording with sound technician Ameen Akef, the last two songs, composed ... with several big names in the music worlds, like Nasser Saleh, Badee' Mas'ood, Khaled Abdul Rahman, ...

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Hello, Ramadan! High production costs might be worth it for shows like "His Excellency"

was built especially for the show by engineer Khaled Ameen in Al-Mansuriyya and is where much of the series’ ...

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List of Palestinian, Arab Prisoners in Syria

1954; married; 1984. released on 18/11/2000.   232. Journalist Samir Khaled Al Hassan; Yarmouk camp; ... Student; Single; 1983.   250. Khaldoun Nimer Qbaia’h; Irbed; 1973; single; 1996.   251. Khaled Ahmad al Dhaher – Sidnaya   252. Khaled Ahmad Khalaf Al Halaybeh   253. Khaled Amireh; Nablus – ...

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