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Egyptian Opera House to Celebrate Nubian Music Pioneer

ceremony on February 27 in commemoration of the Nubian music innovator Ahmed Munib ... music innovator Ahmed Munib.  “The celebration comes as part of the Opera House program ... will sing few songs composed by Munib for the singers Alaa Abdel Khaleq, Mohammed Munir, Hasan Abdel Mageed, ...

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Dominique’s new release

and Khaled Munib.  The songs were composed by Isam Karika, Talal Qintar and Khalil Muhammad.  Dominique ...

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Egyptian Composers Society Fingers Alleged Rip-Off Artists

that the tunes of songs for Amr Diab, Hisham Abbas, Ehab Tawfiq, Latifa, Mohammed Fuad, Mustafa Amar, Amer Munib ... to the composer Khaled Ezz, was ripped off from the Irish band West Life’s My Life.  Composer Amr Mustafa ...

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