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Laila Elwi and Leonardo DiCaprio honored at the Marrakech Cinema Festival

Fahmi, Mahmoud Hamida, Laila Elwi, Yusra, Nelly and Lubliba from Egypt and Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon ... Love the Cinema” starring Egyptian actress Laila Elwi has been chosen to enter the official race ...

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Amro Diab takes time off to worship

was also busy preparing for his latest album “Al Laila Di” (This Night).  Diab considers the year 2007 ...

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Tamer Husni’s new love

their behavior. Tamer also claims the cover of Diab’s latest album “El Laila Di” (This Night) was copied directly from ...

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GAM Organizes Seminar on “Woman’s Social and Political Role in the Community”

of women, Senator Laila sharaf reviewed the main stages of the developmental process of Jordanian woman, ... their effectiveness.   Concluding the first day of the two day seminar, Al Hamlan honored Senator Laila Sharaf, ... support to women’s causes, GAM Council Member, Maisar Al Sa’di, and the educator Waf’a Al Nabulsi, ...

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Amr Diab’s album leaked!

A few weeks ago, an official announcement that the release date of the album, which is titled “Al Laila Di” (This Night) would be on July 7. The company Voda Phone began its promotional campaign ...

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