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Laila Iskandar’s latest during the “Eid”

Lebanese artist Laila Iskandar held a musical ... Lebanese artist Laila Iskandar held a musical performance at the “Coral Beach” tent in Beirut, drawing ... According to the London daily Elaph, the audience was thrilled with Laila and sang along with her songs. ...

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Laila Iskandar’s song, "I love him" stolen

The song “Bahibo” (I love Him) by Laila Iskandar ... (I love Him) by Laila Iskandar, was leaked and posted on an internet site before it was finished.  Back in April while Laila was stopped at a red light, a thief jumped into her car and snatched her ...

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Laila Iskandar salutes Majidah Al Romi in “Mujab Ajeeb”

The Lebanese artist Laila Iskandar appeared as a guest ... The Lebanese artist Laila Iskandar appeared as a guest on the entertainment show “Mujab Ajeeb,” aired on the Lebanese Future channel and presented by Michael Qazi. According to the London daily Elaph, Laila ...

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Nancy Ajram won’t take photos of her daughter for a million dollars

Me) with the director Laila Kanan. This is their second time working together, after filming the video ... by Fares Iskandar, composed by Salim Salameh and distributed by Hamid Al Sha’iri. ...

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Nancy Ajram’s pregnancy keeps her away from live concerts

director Laila Kan’an. The song is written by poet Fares Iskandar and composed by Saleem Salamah.   ...

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Nancy denies her husband’s interference in her work

Touch) with the Lebanese director Laila Kanan. The song was written Faris Iskandar, composed by Salim ...

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New Egyptian government sworn in

of Information Doreya Sharaf al-Din 15. Minister of Environment Laila Iskandar 16. Minister of Petroleum Sherif ...

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Mawazine Festival beats out "Rhythms of the World" in Rabat this week

Sefiani, Fattah Ngadi, Laila Lamrini, Haj Youness, Amir Ali & Rachid Zerwal. Algeria ... Izenzaren Abdelhadi, Mohammed Iskandar, Rachid Lamrini or Mountassir Orchestra and the legendary Najat ...

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Mai Izzildin refuses to accept minor roles

is working on a drama called “Ya Ward Meen Yishtireek” alongside Samira Ahmad, Ahmad Khalil, and Laila Taher. ... joined the drama “Abu Iskandar” along with Mahmoud Abdul Aziz and Madline Tabar and others. The story ...

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