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‘Taif Nizar’ Tackles Infinite Justice

behind giving the film’s starring role to the Syrian actress Lina Murad, he said, “I couldn’t find ... (Ahmed al Sabbar), Mohammed Muftah (judge Walid), Lina Murad (Amina, Judge’s Wife), Rafiq al Bakr (Young ...

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Egypt, Morocco Participate in Cairo Fest With Tunisian, Syrian Stars

in the 25th Cairo International Film Festival, according to news agencies.  Syrian artist Lina Murad plays the starring role in the Moroccan film Taif Nizar (Nizar’s Spectrum), directed by Kamal Kamal.   Murad ...

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Diana Karazon prepares for new television role

for Jordanian artists like Zuhair Al Nobani, Imad Hajaj, Rania Al Kurdy and Lina Al Tal. There were also awards ... Sha’ban ad Samir Sabri, Syrian stars Suzan Nijem Al Deen and Jomanah Murad, the famous Kuwaiti co-host ...

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‘Nizar’s Spectrum’ Flies over Human Rights to Freedom, Love

sticks to the law and his Syrian fine artist wife (played by the Syrian actress Lina Murad) who seeks ...

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