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Private Lebanese channel resumes satellite broadcasts following ban

Emile Lahoud's return to the country from a private visit.    "The head of state (Emile Lahoud) has returned to the country and the law has once again been applied. Telecommunications Minister Jean-Louis Kordahi has gone back on his error which is to his credit," it said, cited ...

18/05/2010 - 16:25 - comment 0

Official: New Lebanese Government Formed

a 30-member cabinet, the second government under the mandate of President Emile Lahoud ... under the mandate of President Emile Lahoud, the secretary general of the Council of Ministers said, ... northeastern suburb of Baabda, said the agency.  The announcement was made after a meeting between Lahoud ...

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Syrian war strangling trade with the neighbours

to follow up on the case. He also asked the ministry’s General Director Louis Lahoud to make necessary ...

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Beirut, Beirut, Beirut is on FIRE with Fete de la Musique

music. To top it all off the Coralino and CTI Cantores choirs will perform in St. Louis Church of ... visit:   By Chirine Lahoud ...

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Lebanon introduces 10 percent VAT

and telecommunication utilities, they said. The meetings, headed by President Emile Lahoud, grouped Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, Energy Minister Mohamad Abdel Hamid Beydoun, Telecommunication Minister Jean-Louis Qordahi ...

15/08/2010 - 15:38 - comment 0

Jumblatt has friends in high places: Walid and the King

the government’s performance in the future. “The government’s slogan is returning Louis Lahoud to the General ...

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Weekly economic brief: Lebanon

average LL/USD exchange rate of 1,507.50.    President Emile Lahoud designated Mr. Rafic Hariri ... to President Lahoud, 8 ministers loyal to Mr. Hariri, 5 ministers allied with House Speaker Nabih Berri, and 3 ... ministers are considered independent. President Lahoud urged the new government to focus on economic ...

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