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Happy Epiphany, Three Kings Day, Armenian Christmas, Feast of Theophany, or Eastern Orthodox Christmas!

January 6th and 7th offer many of the Jesus faithful in the Middle East a chance to celebrate his virgin birth; Merry Armenian Christmas and Orthodox Christmas! Check here for your holiday recipes. ...

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Noah way! Could the Lebanese actually be building an Ark?

What would happen if the Lebanese tried to build a massive ship? Building the Ark would turn into the chaos at the Tower of Babel; a belated Merry Orthodox Christmas; and Breast Cancer awareness in Saudi. ...

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Have a Merry Middle Eastern Christmas! - Holiday Traditions from All Over the Arab World

Replace ‘Merry Christmas’ with ‘Meelad Majeed’, turkey with the lamb-rice dish ‘kibbeh’ and carolling with the traditional dabkeh dance – and have yourself a merry Middle ... distinct traditions. Replace ‘Merry Christmas’ with ‘Meelad Majeed’, turkey ...

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Festive Celebrations Await Guests At Kempinski Hotel Ajman

countdown event, Kempinski Hotel Ajman is the place to be to celebrate the merry month of December. ... for AED250. “We also have an Orthodox Christmas celebration on January 6, 2007 featuring a rich lunch buffet ...

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