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Vivian Azara awarded at the 30th Egyptian Oscars

future. At the Egyptian Oscars many great Egyptian stars received awards, like actors Yusra, Madiha Yusri ...

01/08/2010 - 19:00 - comment 0

Shatha Hasoon, best rising music artist in Egypt

number of Egyptian celebrities, like actors Madiha Yusri, Nadia Jundi, Liblibah and Somayah Al Khashab, ...

01/08/2010 - 19:01 - comment 0

New Egyptian president invites racy celebrities to hang out

actress Madiha Yusri, singer Mohammad Munir, comedian actor Ashraf Abdel Ghafour, singer Eman Al Bahr ...

08/09/2012 - 12:29 - comment 0

Nadia Lutfi Abandons Series A Few Weeks Before Release

just gotten over a bout with the flu.  Next up in line for the role is actress Madiha Yusri .  ...

01/08/2010 - 20:01 - comment 0

‘Rescue of Egyptian Cinema’ Screened at Washington Fest

to a number of the Egyptian cinema pioneers including, Madiha Yusri, Mustafa Darwish, Mohammed al Qalyoubi, ...

01/08/2010 - 19:50 - comment 0

Yusra, Ahmed Zaki Win Egyptian Oscar Awards

  Madiha Yusri, the jury head handed out the prize at a meeting at her residence to Yusra Sunday ...

01/08/2010 - 19:50 - comment 0

Ghada Abdul Raziq the heroine of the Egyptian pharaoh

and actresses including Ahmed Bedeir, Magda al-Khatib, Ibrahim Yusri, Hadi al-Gayar, Osama Abbas, Hassan Mustafa, Madiha Hamdi, Salwa Othman, Khaled Mahmoud, Mohammad Abu Daoud, and Ihsan Qal3awi, in addition ...

01/08/2010 - 19:30 - comment 0

Hind Sabri and Somayah Khashab two faces for the same coin

Madiha Yusri, who came from Egypt to stand up on Al Araab Stage and be part of Hind and Somaya’s episode. ...

01/08/2010 - 19:09 - comment 0

Kamal Abu Rayyah transforms into a cunning and villainous crook

by Mohammad Abdul Aziz. Lucy, Eman, Ibrahim Yusri, Ahmad Khalil, Madiha Hamdi, Abdul Aziz Abo O’ouf, Mahah Abo ...

01/08/2010 - 19:45 - comment 0