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PepsiCo Jordan participates in 4th Jobs Day entitled "The Opportunity is Yours"

of Prime Minister, Dr. Marouf Al-Bakhit. Winner of the King Abdullah II Award ... from 20th to 21st April 2011 under the patronage of Prime Minister Dr. Marouf Al-Bakhit, with Minister of Labour Dr. Mahmoud Al-Kafawin deputizing for the Prime Minister at the event. Held at Zarqa University, ...

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Warda’s family refuses to turn her life into a drama

Mahmoud Marouf told reporters this week that despite family pleas, he has no intention of stopping ...

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Mubarak, Jordan king discuss Palestinian crisis

factions and the call by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to respect and spare the Palestinian ... king was accompanied by Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit, Director of the King’s Office Basim Awadallah, ...

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Abbas meets with Jordanian King Abdullah to discuss PA future

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas traveled to Jordan ... Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas traveled to Jordan on Monday in an attempt to gain support of the Arab ... Minister Marouf Al Bakhit and is expected to meet with Jordan's King Abdullah.   Abbas and Al ...

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Abbas and Peres return from secret meeting in Amman

In a secret meeting, Palestinian President Mahmoud ... In a secret meeting, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with Israeli leader Shimon Peres in Jordan ... plan   Meanwhile, Jordan's Prime Minister, Marouf Al Bakhit, reportedly urged Israel ...

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Abu-Ghazaleh announces unprecedented initiative 'Palestinian Around the World… How Many Are We?

to follow,” he added.  Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh gave examples including poets Mahmoud Darwish and Fadwa Touqan, ... Marouf, Ms. Zainab Hani Al Hasan, Mr. Patrick Lama, and Dr. Mohammad Al Taweel in addition to Dr. Mohammad ...

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Carnegie Mellon organizes campus-wide conversation on the impact of climate change on food security

a postdoctoral fellow at Georgetown University’s Center for International and Regional Studies; Marouf Tirad Mahmoud, from Vodafone Qatar; and Robert Wirsing, a visiting professor at Georgetown University’s School ...

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Art Sawa hosts the highly anticipated exhibition of Contemporary Egyptian Art in Dubai

Agop, Atef Ahmed Ibrahim, Attiat Sayed, Ehab Ellaban, Eslam Zein, Essam Marouf, Fathi Afifi, George Azmy, Hanafy Mahmoud, Hanan El-Sheikh, Haytham Nawar, Hazem El Mestikawy, Hend Adnan, Howaida El Sebaee, ...

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