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Hatem Thul Fiqar: I’m Back, I’m Sober, I Want to Act

Despite his criminal record, Hatem Thul Fiqar, has ... and formerly convicted Egyptian actor, Hatem Thul Fiqar has sent a letter to the Egyptian Minister ... Thul Fiqar, who is loved by people and loves them back,” he said.  Furthermore, the star added, “I ...

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Egyptian National Fest to Recall the Nakbeh

shot in 1948 immediately after the Nakbeh (Catastrophe).   It stars Suad Mohammed, Mahmoud Thul Feqar and Hassan Fayeq, was written and produced by Aziza Amir, and was directed by Mahmoud Thul Fiqar ...

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Egypt To Release Movie on Captured Israeli General

It starred Izzat Al Aleily, Salah Thul Fiqar, Madeline Tabr and Abdullah Mahmoud. Ina’am Mohammad directed ...

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Nahla Salama Gears Up for ‘Red Hopes’

Ghanem, Wael Noor and Hatem Thul Fiqar --  © ...

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Elham Shahin to Play Role of Anna Karenina

the novel before, in the film Nahr Al Hobb (Love Rive) directed by Ezz Eddin Thul Fiqar and costarring Faten ...

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with opportunities, whereby the actress appeared in films with Farid El Atrash, Rushdi Abazza, Salah Thul Fiqar, Kamal ...

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Romance in Cairo

Izzedine Thul Fiqar, Barakat and Atef Salem.  Meanwhile, the festival will distribute a book that tells ...

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Ramadan Characters Fun For All

of shahrazade in 1001 Nights alongside her ‘Shahriar,’ Mahmoud Qabeel .  Directed by: Amru Abideen  ... in Khayal El Thul (Reflection of Shadows), who comes back home from the States after 20 years in order ...

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Egypt Releases Ramadan TV Lineup

Ramzi, Jamil Rateb, Mahmoud Qabeel, Hassan Husni, Wael Nour, Madeline Tabr, Samira Abdul Aziz, Ghada Adel ... Bdeir, Mahmoud El Jundi, Lucy, Huda Sultan, Madeline Tabr, Nabil Al Hilfawi, Mohammad Mitwalli, Sayed Azmi and Hamdi Gaith.    Khayal Al Thul (Shadow of Night); (75% completed): Directed ...

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