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21,000 Eritreans Repatriated by UNHCR since End of July

said UNHCR spokeswoman Delphine Marie.  Thousands of others came from the Lafa and Gulsa camps.  More than 200 trucks under UNHCR supervision made the trips to Eritrea and back to Sudan, Marie said.  The Eritreans were taken to cities deemed safe, such as Guluj, Tesseney, Gergef and Tebeldia, and will be housed ...

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Arafat, Arab Foreign Ministers Requested to Show up at Special UN Rights Session

it deems the disproportionate use of force by the Israeli army against the Palestinians.  The meeting could result in a visit to the region by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, ...

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Rare Jewellery and Popular Asian Art To Make its Debut in the Middle East

such as The Tolman Collection, with contemporary Japanese prints and the highly regarded Mita Arts Gallery and Mary Deeming with 17th-20th century Japanese woodblock prints. Popular participating Asian Art dealers ...

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Economic freedom erodes in Middle East and North Africa, study shows

Kim Holmes and Mary Anastasia O’Grady - note that there have been mixed trends in the region over ... countries—Congo, Iraq, Serbia-Montenegro and Sudan—were not ranked because the data was not deemed reliable. Two ... and Economics, Kim Holmes is Heritage’s vice president for foreign affairs, and Mary Anastasia O’Grady, who ...

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Faithful for Just a Month: Ramadan's Celebs

or even attend Christmas Mass, having not stepped into church or uttered a Hail Mary all year round.  ... age deemed fit to fast. Some take the opportunity to show their charitable sides during Ramadan: ...

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Spoiler alert: TV medical dramas ‘rife’ with bioethical issues and breaches of professional conduct

with fellow Berman Institute faculty member Marie Nolan, Ph.D., found that more than 80 percent of medical ... interactions between professionals, across all issues, the authors deemed just nine exemplary in nature.   ...

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