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Maroc-Telecom Purchases 54 Percent in Mauritanian Telecom Company

54 percent of the Mauritanian phone company, Mauritel Morocco’s phone operator, Maroc-Telecom, has purchased 54 percent of the Mauritanian phone company, Mauritel, Morocco’s ... percent of the shares to personnel at $84 a share.The company undertook to increase Mauritel capital ...

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Maroc Telecom sells 20 percent of its stake in Mauritel

valued at $16 million, in Mauritania’s telecom company Mauritel, to local firm Abdallahi Ould Noueigued ... in Mauritania’s telecom company Mauritel, to local firm Abdallahi Ould Noueigued (AON), reported Le Calame . The government of Mauritania is now Mauritel’s largest shareholder, with a 46 percent stake in the company.   ...

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Maroc Telecom buys Mauritel stake

Mauritel. Maroc Telecom pledged to extend cover Morocco’s national ... of 54 percent stake in Mauritania’s telecom company, Mauritel.     The deal was sealed ... by Reuters.    Ahead of the planned privatization of the state-owned Mauritel, strategic and technical ...

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Beecell and BBC extend reach to Mauritania

Mauritel. Beecell, the leading company of mobile value added services, announced launching BBC news services in Mauritania in cooperation with the mobile operator Mauritel. This launch adds ... with BBC to reach a new audience. The launch of BBC services with Mauritel is only a start, and we ...

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Spanish Telefonica Operates Call Center in Morocco

the acquisition of 54 percent of Mauritania's telecoms operator Mauritel for $48 million, Morocco’s ... “after winning the Mauritel tender,” – © 2001 Al Bawaba ( ) ...

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Maroc Telecom: Internet market not big enough

million in its African subsidiaries in Mauritania (Mauritel), Burkina Faso (Onatel) and Gabon (Gabon ...

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Arab telecom operators served 194.5 million cellular subscribers and 35 million mainlines by end of June 2008

(Tunisia), Sudatel ( it provides mobile services under the brand name Sudani), Mauritel and Chinguitel ...

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Who’s who in Arab cellular rates? The highest, the lowest and the fairest!

Mauritel (Mauritania), Maroc Telecom, Medi Telecom (Morocco), Inwi (Morocco -previously known as Wana), ...

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cdma continues rapid expansion in africa and the middle east with 65 operators deploying the technology

(Commercial)29 Mauritania Mauritel 1X  (Commercial)30 Morocco Wana 1X  (Commercial)EV-DO Rel. 0 (Commercial)EV-DO Rev. A  ...

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