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Moroccan ambassador to UN elected judge at International Court of Justice

Moroccan ambassador to the United Nations, Mohamed Bennouna was elected judge ... <i>MAP</i> reports that Bennouna is the first Moroccan to be elected judge to the United Nation' judicial body. Bennouna will start his duty in the Hague in February 2006 along with four other new elected ...

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Morocco rejects UN interpretation on Sahara issue

representative to the UN, Mohamed Bennouna, to the chairman of the Security Council, American Ambassador John D. ... by MAP, Bennouna drew Negroponte's attention to the "erroneous interpretation" ...   Bennouna insists on the "mediator or facilitator" role that the UN secretary ...

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Moroccan diplomat: Baker decision to quit is '\'personal'\'

to a top Moroccan diplomat.    Mohamed Bennouna who is serving as the kingdom’s Permanent ... Baker is “neither a good, nor a bad thing”, according to a top Moroccan diplomat.  Mohamed Benno ... of the latest resolution of this organism,” said Bennouna. © 2004 Al Bawaba ( ) ...

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Continued deadlock on Western Sahara

The Moroccan delegate at the UN, Mohamed Bennouna, is blaming Algeria for blocking a resolution to the Western ... Meanwhile, the Moroccan foreign minister Mohamed Vall Ould Bellal is holding talks with Algerian officials ...

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United Nations Commission calls on finding Political Settlement to Sahara Issue

proposed by the Security Council for a final solution to the Sahara issue, Mohamed Bennouna, Morocco’s ...

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