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Four Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria

of four members identified as Mohammad Ali Lama from Adsheet, Ahmad Ali Jaber from Mayfdoun, Mohammad Hasan Ibrahim from Kfour and Ali Hasan Abboud from Adaysseh. The four bring the death toll to seven ...

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Eid finally comes to Beirut: solid bookings at the country's top hotels

Abboud noted that the airlines’ activity will remain ... and Emirates,” Jean Abboud, the president of the  Association of Travel  and Tourist Agents in Lebanon, told  Al Markazia  news agency. Abboud noted that the airlines’ activity will remain this way until ...

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Lebanese security prepares to take over Beirut Hezbollah stronghold

delayed or held for questioning. The force, headed by Col. Mohammad Abboud, is also tasked ...

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Ala Walieddine Denies Rift With Hneidi

spoken out about rumors of jealous fights between himself and Mohammad Hneidi. ... Mohammad Hneidi .   According to Al Masa’a newspaper, Walieddine said that there was never a fight between himself and his “friend” Mohammad Hneidi.  “I don’t have to keep repeating that Hneidi and I ...

01/08/2010 - 20:05 - comment 0

Opposition ministers expected to quit Lebanese government

Deputy Speaker MP Ali Hassan Khalil, Minister: Mohammed Fneish, Hussein Hajj Hassan, Fadi Abboud, Minister Ali Shami, Mohammad Jawad Khalifeh, Ibrahim Dadayan, Minister Gebran Bassil and Charbel Nahas. ...

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Death toll rises to 37 in Aleppo air raid, Syrian Islamist rebels deny meetings with US

25 barrel bombs on the city. An AMC activist in the city, Mohammad al-Khatib, said in a message ... a spokesman for the front, and the head of one of its components, Hassan Abboud of Ahrar al-Sham, denied ...

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If you're touring the Middle East, you're likely going to UAE

this year.” Strong season Mohammad Khamis Bin Hareb Al Muhairi, Director-General of the UAE National ... that has a large tourism industry.” Travel advisories Lebanon’s Minister of Tourism Fadi Abboud ...

19/05/2013 - 12:39 - comment 0

Holiday! UAE is a top tourism destination in the Arab World in spite of Arab Spring

and its airport is set to handle 66 million passengers this year.” Strong season Mohammad Khamis ... Lebanon’s Minister of Tourism Fadi Abboud, said, his travel advisories are affecting the regional tourism ...

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Saudi Father Says Son Suspected in US Terror Attacks was Mentally Ill

in New York said he had lost track of them months ago, and that one was mentally ill.  Mohammad Ali ... with his actions and behavior," said a statement by the head of the family, Abdullah Awad Abboud bin ...

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