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Mohammad Hamaki postpones new release

and composers like song writers Ayman Bahjat Qamar, Ameer Tu’aymah, Mohammad Atif, and composers Rami Jamal ... Egyptian singer Mohammad Hamaki is still placing ... the end of June Egyptian singer Mohammad Hamaki is still placing the final ...

01/08/2010 - 18:52 - comment 0

Haifa resumes work on new album

"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />  The new song is titled “Al Dunia” (The World) and is written by music poet Mohammad Atif, distributed by Ahmad Ibrahim and composed by Mohammad Yahia. Haifa’s new album ...

18/02/2012 - 07:42 - comment 0

Fadel Shaker prepares new release

Mohammad Atif, Waleed Saed and more.       ...

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المصريين للـ السيسي عبر تويتر "تقيلة عليك الشيلة ما تشيلش"

اللي وصلتلها من وجود السيسي إنه أثبت فعلا فيه بمصر شريحة كبيرة ،،تخاف متختشيش ‏@amira_atif   تقيلة ... @Mohammad_Gebaly   شيلش بيقولوا لو مش عاجبكم السيسى استنوا عليه 4 سنين وبعدين شيلوه بالصندوق... صراحة عندى مرارة ...

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Faten Hamama neglects the basic needs of her children as a Minister

Minister). The drama, written by Atif Bishai, revolves around the life of a female minister whose children ... Mohammad for the direction of the film. En'aam had directed the series "Dameer Alba Hikmat" ... Atif revealed that the film tackles social problems in a comical atmosphere. One of the main issues ...

01/08/2010 - 19:43 - comment 0

Fair Trial Promised for Foreign Aid Workers in Afghanistan

Mohammad Saqib said Sunday.  Speaking to the aid workers during only their second appearance in court ... to formally appoint a defense lawyer, Atif Ali, of Pakistan, and hear the allegations against them.  Ali ...

18/05/2010 - 17:40 - comment 0

Rania Shawki enters the honeymooners club

  The drama written by Raouf Hilmi and directed by Mohammad Riad, will costar Abu Baker Izzat, ... which is written by screenwriter Walid Yousuf, and choreographer and design by her husband Atif Awad. ...

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Reuters Islamic Banking and Finance Summit

Islamic CEO Badlisyah Abdul Ghani; * Arcapita Bank CEO Atif Abdulmalik;* Accounting and Auditing ... Investment Bank CEO Samad Sirohey;* Islamic Development Bank Adviser to the President Mohammad Tariq; * Gulf ...

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