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Mohammad Tharwat and Nadia Mustafa Present New Song For Intifada

to those who are being martyred at the Al Aqsa Intifada. Egyptian singer Mohammad Tharwat has just begun filming the video for Al Quds Qalb Jareeh (Jerusalem is a Wounded Heart), ... Asking for help from Mohammad, Abraham and Jesus  At the third holy site… where the prophets met  ...

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Mohammad Abdul Wahab

(1901-1992)   Mohammad Abdul Wahab, better known ... Wahab’s talent was only revealed duri (1901-1992)       Mohammad ... is responsible for the fame of various stars including Mohmammad Tharwat, Sonya Atieh and Hani Shaker, the last ...

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We'll soon be staring into May Salim's "Mirror"

Yasin and the musical magic of Mohammad Tharwat. Written by Amad Buhayri and directed by Ahmad Tharwat, "Mirrors" is proposed to participate in a number of international film festivals. ...

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Top Brotherhood official arrested in Egypt security crackdown

Mohammad Badie was arrested on Thursday whilst ... Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohammad Badie has been arrested in a coastal city while an arrest warrant ... and 15 other Islamists had insulted the judiciary, investigating judge Tharwat Hammad said, imposing ...

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Here's what's happening in Egypt this week: Get out to hear some guitars, see "The Ugly" and more!

here . Running time is 101 minutes. Contemporary Image Collective (CIC), 22 Abdel-Khaleq Tharwat ... El-Nagdy, Gorges Bahgory, Mohammad Sabry and Hazem Taha Hussein. The show will run until 18 September. 26 ...

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