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Islamic Jihad leader and five relatives killed by Israeli strike in Gaza

them as Hafiz Mohammed Hamad, 30, Ibrahim Mamedhmed, 26, Mahdi Mohammed Hamad, 46, Fawzia Khalil Hamad, ... the building. The house belonged to the al-Kaware family.Abduallah Kaware, Mohammad Ashour, 13, Riyadh Kaware, ...

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المصريين للـ السيسي عبر تويتر "تقيلة عليك الشيلة ما تشيلش"

@sama_abduallah   كام واحد من المسئولين اتحاسب و اتعاقب بسبب كارثه الكهرباء امبارح؟.....نعم...الشعب هو اللي بيتعاقب ... الآن؟؟؟ @mohamed_01_01   لانك اتربيت طول عمرك على العسكرية ومرة واحدة لقيت نفسك بتحكم شعب مدني .. ...

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Arab Spring dwindles interest in gold during Hajj

affected by the Arab Spring they don’t have any extra money to spend on gold.”Mohammed Abduallah, branch ... is down by more than 50 percent compared to the last Haj season,” Mohammed Al-Himms, store manager at MS ...

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Kazem al-Saher and Samira Said Win Best Arab Clip Awards

Badrakhan (Egypt), Dureid Laham and Bassel Khatib (Syria), Abdullah Jafri (Saudi Arabia), Mohammed Tazi (Morocco), Hayat Fahed (Kuwait) and Fahd Abduallah (Lebanon).   According to, ... was shot in Palestine. One of the children acting was Omar Mohammed Hlayel, who was later killed by Israeli ...

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Global holds a seminar on Tijara & Real Estate Company Listing at KSE

President, and Mr. Mohamed Abdul Aziz, Financial Analyst, where they gave a detailed explanation of Tijara’s ... Abduallah Al Khalifa Al Sabah as well as its executive management. From his side, Mr. Al Othman pointed ...

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