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Mohammed Saad: ‘Allenby’ Character Far From English Commander

Costarring in the film scripted by Ahmed Abdulla under the direction of Wael Hassan are Mohammed Saad, Hala Shihah, Hasan Hosni, Abla Kamel and Haggag Abdel Azim. The film was shot in the Egyptian resort City ... Mohammed Saad who indicated that this character is far away from the real character of the English ...

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Israel releases eight captured Egyptian sailors

reported.     Mohammed Assad al-Haggag, 37, said he and the seven other sailors from the ship were ... was carrying weapons from Iran to the Palestinian Authority.     Haggag told reporters at Cairo airport ... Haggag said he never found out what was inside the boxes.     "Ten months passed on me ...

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With a capital of EGP 150 million: Sakan Finance to enter the Mortgage market in December

Haggag, consultant to the board of Sakan, believes that the timing is right for the new venture. “In ... Haggag, “the corrective actions on real estate pricing and the direction of key developers towards ... priced real estate units and developments.” Haggag added that as fears of the financial crisis begin ...

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Latest on Egypt Clashes

that reports that Brotherhood figure  Mohamed El-Beltagi  has been arrested are incorrect. Sources who ... 13:00  In  Luxor , clashes have been going on since Morsi supporters staged a protest in Abu Haggag ... to the square. 12:05  According to Ahram Arabic, Mohamed El-Zaki, a  photographer  for Al Jazeera ...

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Egypt appoints 50-member secular committee to amend constitution

Mohamed Abdel Mawla of the police. 44. Bishop Anthony, representing Coptic Catholics. 45. Haggag Adoul, ... especially after 30 June uprising that deposed Islamist president Mohamed Mors i. While exclusion is applied ... of the Evangelical Church. 2. Mohamed Abdel Aziz of Tamarod. 3. Ahmed Eid of the Revolutionary Youth Coalition. 4. ...

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Egypt's hot air balloon tragedy could leave lasting dent in country's already deflated tourism industry

with 18 percent in 2009, according to government figures. Mohammed Haggag, owner of Viking, a company ... Administration, Mohammed Sherif, told The Associated Press at the scene of the crash that the pilot had just ... the gas canister from exploding. But the crash raised accusations that standards have fallen. Mohammed ...

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AUC celebrates undergraduate and graduate commencements

to candidates from each of AUC’s schools while Mohamed El Erian and Galal Amin addressed the graduates ... at the commencement ceremonies. Mohamed El Erian, CEO and co-CIO of PIMCO, who was presented with an honorary degree ... and community life. The President’s Cup and the associated Mohamed M. El-Beleidy Academic Award, both of which ...

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