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Poetic Play by Samih al Qasem to Open Shareqa Theatrical Days

Egypt as head and Aziz Khayoun from Iraq, Izziddin Qanoun from Tunisia, Ahlam Mohammed from Bahrain, Walid Omran from the Emirates as members and Mohammed Abdulla from the Emirates as the head of the jury ... the 12th session of Shareqa Theatrical Days.  The play scripted by Qasem Mohammed, will be portrayed ...

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Iraq: 39 killed in attacks, clashes

killing at least five people and injuring 10, Lt. Mohammed Khayoun said.   A bomb planted under ... north of the capital, killing one passenger and wounding five, Lt. Mohammad Khayoun said.   ...

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Iraq: At least 17 killed in attacks

officers Ali Mutab and Mohammed Khayoun, the AP reported.   Some 25 minutes later, a suicide ...

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Iraq: At least 12 die in blasts

al-Bour, killing at least two people and injuring 16, police Lt. Mohammed Khayoun said.   ...

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Iraq: US forces "isolate" Ramadi as more deaths reported

Mohammed Khayoun said.   A mortar shell Sunday hit the al-Sadiq University for Islamic Studies ...

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Straw calls for Iraqi unity as more than 20 die in attacks

and wounding 28, police said. According to the AP, Lt. Mohammed Khayoun said the car was parked along ...

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Saddam trial adjourned as some 15 Iraqis, four US troops die in attacks

and another official, Lt. Mohammed Khayoun.   Earlier, a huge blast rocked eastern Baghdad's Sadr ...

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