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‘Nymphs, Palaces’ Depicts Egyptian History on Small Screen

national hero Saad Zaghlool. The historic series Hawari Wa Qusoor (Nymphs ... by the Egyptian national hero Saad Zaghlool, achieved a big success among the public and critics.  The series recently aired by the Egyptian TV was scripted by Mohammed al Gheiti, directed by Ahmed Khader ...

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Arab Artists, Singers Perform Operetta ‘Jerusalem Our Land’

announcer Tareq Allam and the secretary of the Palestinian Red Crescent, Mohammed Zaghlool announced ...

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Montpellier Fest to Celebrate 100 Years of Egyptian Cinema

Among the films scheduled to be screened at the festival is one about Mohammed Al Qalyoubi by Mohammed ... including Awdat Saad Zaghlool Minal Manfa (Return of Saad Zaghlool from Exile) in 1923.   Also, ...

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After ‘Qasem Amin’: Kamal Abu Rayyah to Play Religious Leader

Mohammed Abdo. Egyptian director Ibrahim al Shuqunqeri has nominated actor Kamal Abu Rayyah, who has wrapped up shooting his role as Qasem Amin to play the role as imam Mohammed Abdo ... The two series were directed by Ena’am Mohammed Ali,” the director told the London-based Arabic daily al ...

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Umm Kulthoum Fans to Hear 10 Previously Unreleased Songs

Kulthum on the 40th anniversary of the death of Saad Zaghlool in 1927. Written by Ahmed Rami and composed by Mohammed Al Qasabji.   Nashid Al Jamia’ah (University Anthem), 1937. Written by Ahmed Rami ... by Riyadh Al Sunbati.   Zahrat Al Rabia (Spring Flower), 1945. Written by Mohammed Al Asmar ...

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Egyptian Film Depicts Sculptor Mahmoud Mukhtar’s Art Life

Mohammed Nagati and Hani Salameh. The 23-episode series is about the life history of the Egyptian sculptor ... all pioneers who established the fine arts movements in Egypt including Mohammed Hasan, Yousef Kamel, ... renowned national Egyptian leader Saad Zaghlool whom he met in France. The first statue was erected at Qasr ...

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