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Why are Egypt's doctors on strike?

that of developed economies," said Mona Mina, head of the syndicate, in a press conference on Wednesday. ... wait this long," said Mina at the conference. The strike also aims at creating a societal dialogue on how to improve the whole healthcare system, added Mina. The Ministry of Finance has been ...

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تويتر مصر: في ذكرى أحداث ماسبيرو "مش ناسيين"

@mona201550 ذكرى مذبحة ماسبيرو بكرة و بعدها أحداث مجلس الوزرا و الجناة واخدين نياشين و عايشين عيشة الملوك! رجع ... المجلس مجرم و الحكاية مش مسلم و مسيحي @MinaSamir707 تعرفوا ان مظاهرة ماسبيرو كانت اكبر مظاهرة خرج ...

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Take your pick! Here's what's going down in Egypt this week (February 16-23)

Downtown, Cairo    Four harpists at the Cairo Opera House at 8pm Egyptian harpists Mona Wassef, Toaa ... by Mavie Maher, ‘Ibn Benoot’ by Mina Magdy, ‘El-Bent’ by Sondos Shabayek and ‘Virtual’ by Nadah Riadh. ...

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