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Bahraini authorities raid homes and torture suspects for confessions

al-Muhafda, deputy-head of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR), said. In the latest home invasions on Tuesday, Muhafda documented raids in at least four villages including al-Shakhtoura, Sehla, Nabi Saleh ... a house and ask the family if they have any young men,” Muhafda added. In a period of five days from ...

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Bahrain's refugee crisis? Behind the scenes with Bahraini activist asylum-seekers

but exile. Thirty-one-year-old Yousif al-Muhafda is the latest activist to join the growing list ... archipelago brought the tribesmen to power. Two weeks ago Muhafda wrote a letter from Europe announcing he ... mean when we talk about the culture of impunity in Bahrain," Muhafda told Al-Akhbar . “The ...

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Violent clashes in Bahrain amid F1 crackdown

al-Muhafda, BCHR deputy head told  Al-Akhbar . “There have been many checkpoints, house raids, many people ...

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