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Israeli forces demolish Palestinian homes in Nablus

then demolished four old houses in the al-Taweel neighborhood which belonged to Muhammad Sudqi Salih and his brother Anwar.The houses were over 100 years old.The al-Taweel neighborhood is on the outskirts of Aqraba ... escorted a bulldozer to the village.Israeli forces then demolished four old houses in the al-Taweel ...

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Anonymous donor brings Eid Al Fitr to Saudi inmates

Mohsen bin Muhammad Al-Taweel, director of guidance and direction management and chairman of the payment committee, said the prisoners received the news with joy. Al-Taweel expressed his thanks to the donor ...

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Arwa and a crime at the north shore

Jidawi. The song for the series was written by the great poet Baha Al Deen Muhammad, composed by Ziad Al Taweel and distributed by Adel Haqi. Arwa gave the song as a present to the cast and crew ... by Muhammad Al Basosi and directed by Abed Al LAtif Zaki. Dr. Adel Hussein is producing the new series ...

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Arwa sings for a drama series

song is written by Baha Al Deen Muhammad, composed by Ziad Al Taweel and is distributed by Adel Haqi. ... Day). The lyrics were written by Saudi prince Faisal Bin Khaled Bin Sultan, composed by Muhammad Bodlih ...

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Famous singers competing for theme songs

a song that was written by Baha Al Deen Muhammad and composed by Ziad Al Taweel. The series stars ... Roeb” (Days oF Love and Fear) that was written by Muhammad Al Ghithi and directed by Amro Abdeen. ...

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"There is not one law in Saudi Arabia that regards violence toward women as an illegal activity": what's really behind Saudi's domestic abuse problem?

by the participation of the women themselves. A comment by princess Ameerah al-Taweel’s, the vice chairwoman ... Muhammad.” The legal system in Saudi Arabia does not have the sufficient tools and laws that would deter ... to domestic violence the punishment is learning parts of the Quran and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad ...

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