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One sax-y night: Nour Ashour tells all about Egypt's independent music scene

of chattering musicians, I sit with Nour Ashour to talk about his career, his projects and Egypt's independent music scene. Egyptian audiences identify Ashour with his saxophone – or, more specifically, ... Ashour has played with many bands: Ressala, Egypt's Crash Boom Bang, El-Dor El-Awal, among others. ...

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Shireen Abed Al Wahab fires-up Moroccan fans

returned to the spotlight after taking time off to care for her husband music distributer Muhammad Mustafa ... distributer Muhammad Mustafa while he was ill. She hosted a live concert at the Moroccan musical festival ... with her husband Muhammad on three songs from the new album. The rest of the songs were distributed ...

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Saudi Youth: Why unemployment is not our problem

to pay them hefty salaries, which is why they preferred expatriates. Muhammad Ashour believed that only ... employers view young Saudis as irresponsible when it comes to work .” Muhammad Al-Mahoos blamed employers ...

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New Year kicks off with new releases

Abdullah, Hani Abed Al Karim, Amir Taymah, Muhammad Rifaie and Jamal Kholi. As for the composers Shireen worked with Walid Saed, Tamer Ali and Tamer Ashour. Shireen worked with the music distributers Muhammad ... with a number of well-known poets and composers like Baha Al Deen Muhammad, Amir Taymah, Jamal Bakheet, Amar Al ...

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Asala’s daughter declares war on her father

(Stay Normal), written by Wisam Sabri and composed by Tamer Ashour.   The second song that Asala will be filming is “Birdai Aleek” (Do it for me), written by Midhad Kholi and composed by Muhammad ...

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Asala wants a baby with Tareq Al Aryan

clip for the song. Asala worked with Tamer Ashour and Muhammad Yehya on several songs. Asala said ...

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It's a good year to be a film maker: the lowdown on 2013 cinema success in Egypt

to a screenplay subtly loaded with emotion and humour (written by Muhammad El-Hajj; Mahmoud Ezzat stepped ... as Magdy Ashour, a Muslim Brotherhood member who — after the Muslim Brotherhood took power — drifts apart ...

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Black Friday: At Least 40 Palestinians Killed; Three Israeli Soldiers Killed in Tulkarem; Arafat Calls Powell

Marwan Abu Motlak, Ibrahim Abu Daka, khalid Kdeeh, Husam Abu Tir, Reyad Abu Ridi, Muhammad Abu Argili, Muhammad Abu Ridi, Walid Abu Argili, and Ihab Altalatini.   The four killed in Al Sudaniya area, north to Gaza were: Hani Ashour, 32, Saed Shalayel, 26, (an ambulance driver), Samir Younis, and Abid abu ibid.  ...

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