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Muhammad Rifat from ‘Facebook’ to ‘Zoom’

‘Face Book’ to satellite television is the new young artist Muhammad Rifat ... young artist Muhammad Rifat. Muhammad had made a video clip for his song “Kam Youm” (How Many Days) and the clip was directed by his brother Rifat Rifat.   The clip was then launched on the internet ...

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Muhammad Fouad films a new clip

and the song was composed by Walid Saed, distributed by Hani Yaqoub and directed by Tareq Rif’at.  Muhammad ... Egyptian singer Muhammad Fouad began filming his ... Nos Kilimah” (Not Another Word) Egyptian singer Muhammad Fouad began filming ...

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Laila Elwi as “Rose Al Yousif”

 Elwi is waiting for Muhammad Rifat and Hazem Al Hadidi to finish writing the second part of her ... written by Muhammad Rifat. Filming of “Hikayat Bin'ishha” will start mid-February.   ...

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Laila Elwi close to completing new drama

Mistakhabi” is written by Hazem Al Hadidi and stars Basem Samrah, Muhammad Ramadan, Ahmad Rateb and Raja Hussein. The second part “Majnoon Laila” is written by Muhammad Rifat and stars Khaled Abu Al Naja, ... (Obsessed With Laila) which is directed by Muhammad Ali. Each part contains 15 episodes. The first part ...

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Khaled Abu Al Naja Leaves the hospital

responsible for treating him.  The new series is written by Muhammad Rifat and directed by Muhammad Ali. ...

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Crazy about Laila Elwi

drama series. According to the London daily Elaph,  “Majnoon Laila” is written by Muhammad Rifat and directed by Muhammad Ali. The series stars Khaled Abu Al Naja, Laila Taher, Abed Al Rahman Abu Zahrah, ...

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Omar Al Abdullat falls for Jomanah Murad

by Muhammad Ayesh. The series also stars Jordanian singer Omar Al Abdullat, Mahmoud Saeed, Abeer Isa, Muhammad Al Abadi, Rifat Al Najar, Ahmad Al Qawadri, Ziad Abu Swailam, Anwar Khalil, Ali Abed Al Aziz, Yousif Yousif, Shaker Jaber, Margo Aslan, Malak Al BArmawi, Diana Rahmah, Muhammad Al Sawalqa, Najla ...

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Lara Al Safadi fights cancer

on to life.  The new series is directed by Muhammad Ayesh and stars a number of Jordanian actors like Jamil Barahmeh, Fouad Al Shomali, Diana Rahmah, Ola Al Jamal and Rifat Al Najar. The filming of the new ...

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